The Great Recession changed life for the average American in many ways. Health Insurance was just one of the many benefits that eluded the recently unemployed. Many of those who survived lay-offs during the recession's peak saw their hours reduced or were put on contracts. Without full-time employment, many Americans found themselves unable to pay for healthcare. When finances are tight, insurance is one of the first things to go. Whether it is home owners, life, auto or health insurance, many Americans have to sacrifice coverage in order to feed and clothe family members.

In response to the country's healthcare crisis, with the help of Congress, President Barack Obama was able to sign the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law in March of last year. The Care Act is a series of laws implemented over a period of four years. The first of the laws were initiated in January of this year. The Act brings relief to many families struggling to pay for healthcare coverage without the help of employers. The Care Act will put restrictions on administrative costs, directing more of your premium dollars towards actual medical care. Individual states will now have the authority to review and question any unreasonable increases in health insurance premiums. Guaranteed issues and ratings are implemented on a national level so that the same health insurance premiums will be offered to all applicants of a mutual sex, age, and similar location regardless of any pre-existing condition.

A competitive market keeps prices down, and that is why as a part of the Care Act, the state will be expected to increase competition by providing a market place where both small businesses and individuals can compare health insurance rates and policy premiums. Among many other provisions, the age until which a parent can use their insurance to cover their child has been increased from 23 to 26.

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